Our work, as it is applied

Sometimes it’s rewarding to step back from your work and absorb what it’s achieving, and that’s certainly the case when a project leads to a published journal article on its findings.

This time it’s a study combining First Nations research methods with a World Health Organization Guide to understand low childhood immunisation coverage in Children in Tamworth, published in the International Indigenous Policy Journal.

This is a NSW Regional Health Partners project. It is supported by the Australian Government’s Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF) as part of the Rapid Applied Research Translation program.

“Using First Nations research methods was essential in providing deep understanding of the reasons why some children may be falling behind in their immunisations and what might be done to improve coverage rates,” state the authors, in the article’s conclusions.

“These methods should be considered in all research with First Nations communities”

READ THE ARTICLE: read the full article in International Indigenous Policy Journal

VULNERABLE: In Tamworth in 2019, 179 children were overdue for immunisations.