Clinical Trials Roadmap guides the way

NSW Regional Health Partners (NSWRHP) recently had the pleasure of participating in the launch of the Clinical Trials Roadmap, a practical guide to the clinical trials journey.

Developed by NSWRHP and the Hunter Medical Research Institute’s (HMRI) Clinical Trials Unit, the roadmap was supported by the Office of Health and Medical Research, and developed in partnership with Hunter New England Local Health District and the University of Newcastle.

What is the Clinical Trials Roadmap?

The Clinical Trials Roadmap is an interactive and evolving resource that will provide practical advice to understand, develop, plan and start clinical trials.

The Roadmap sets out key steps, resources and contacts, and has been imagined from two perspectives, two clinical trial scenarios:

      • Investigator-initiated trials
      • Sponsored trials

Who is the Roadmap for?

The Roadmap is a resource for researchers and healthcare professionals who may be new to clinical trials, or who require assistance to plan, develop and conduct clinical trials in a public health organisation.

How to use the Roadmap

In any way you wish! The Roadmap can be used in a linear fashion from start to finish, or users can head straight to the section that describes where they are up to in the development of their clinical trial.

Not every clinical trial or research project will require all of the steps outlined in the Roadmap, and the steps may not always happen in the same order. Sometimes a step may be skipped, or the order may be altered.

How can I access the Roadmap?

You can find the Roadmap at