Announcing the NSW Regional Cancer Research Network

Chief Investigator, Professor Nikola Bowden, to lead NSW Regional Cancer Research Network

NSW Regional Health Partners is pleased to announce Professor Nikola Bowden as the new Chief Investigator of our NSW Regional Cancer Research Network.

Funded by the Cancer Institute NSW, the NSW Regional Cancer Research Network aims to improve cancer outcomes in regional NSW through research and initiatives that are informed by people affected by cancer, and the cancer services they access in regional communities.

Over the next 4 years, the network will support and develop cancer research across the Central Coast, Hunter New England, Mid-North Coast and Northern NSW Local Health Districts. 

The Network provides members with access to specialist research assistance and the support necessary to enable healthcare workers in regional areas to lead their own research projects.  This will mean more health professionals and researchers will be able to conduct research projects that respond to local needs, and make access to research studies easier for those living in regional areas.

“I’m delighted to have the opportunity to join NSW Regional Health Partners to deliver improved cancer outcomes for the communities that I have lived in and shared experiences with throughout my life,” said Nikola. 

 “We invite you to join the network if you are involved in any aspect of cancer care, cancer research or cancer training. We also recognise the vital role those affected by cancer have in the design, direction, and outcomes of research programs, and invite those with lived experience to join the network,” said Nikola.

NSW Regional Health Partners Director, Nicolette Hodyl, is delighted by Nikola’s appointment to this role. 

“This is an exciting time for cancer research across northern NSW. Working together, we can make the biggest difference to improve lives for those affected by cancer. The funding and support from Cancer Institute NSW has made this work possible”, said Nicolette. 

Join our virtual platform

The virtual platform allows members to:

  • connect with researchers, clinicians, and consumers across regional NSW
  • collaborate on research that improves cancer health outcomes and service delivery 
  • keep up to date with initiatives and funding opportunities

You can join the NSW Regional Cancer Research network here