Inside our Clinical Trials Community of Practice

What motivated you to establish the Clinical Trials Community of Practice?

Clinical trials operate in a complex environment. The community of practice was established to strengthen relationships within the clinical trials community across the NSW Regional Health Partners’ footprint and explore solutions to common problems by learning from each other’s expertise, insights and innovations. We wanted to improve the quality and efficiency of clinical trials by encouraging best practice in the conduct of clinical trials. Importantly, we wanted a forum where we could acknowledge, promote and share the achievements of the amazing clinical trials professionals working in our region.

What led you to your current role as the Clinical Trials Network Coordinator?

I have always tried to take opportunities as they present themselves. Having worked in clinical trials for more than 25 years, I felt I could meet the challenges of this role and bring a perspective embedded in practice to the clinical trials community.

Can you share some success stories from the CoP?

We have just hosted our 34th meeting of the community of practice and it is continually growing. We have nearly 180 members and sustained engagement from both clinical trial professionals and researchers. For me personally, the biggest success is being able to connect members with each other so they can benefit from shared experiences and expertise.

Are there any emerging opportunities in the CoP that you’re particularly excited about?

There is so much happening in the clinical trials space locally, across the state and nationally that we’re excited about. The development of the northern cluster (rural, regional, and remote) clinical trial support unit and the local partnership between NSW Regional Health Partners, Hunter Medical Research Institute, Hunter New England Local Health District and the University of Newcastle are both very exciting.  These initiatives will bring more clinical trials to our communities including equitable access for our rural, regional and remote communities, and advance clinical trials capability across our partner organisations.

What’s an interesting or unexpected fact that others might not know about you?

I am hooked on yoga and you may find me meditating, making shapes or standing on my head – sometimes all at once!