Exercise Physiologist Emily Cox awarded Consumer and Community Involvement grant for Type 2 Diabetes and Long-COVID study

Emily Cox, an accredited exercise physiologist, has been awarded a grant from NSW Regional Health Partners to support consumer and community involvement in a research project aimed at enhancing exercise uptake and adherence for individuals with Type 2 Diabetes (T2D) and Long-COVID symptoms.

Completing her undergraduate degree at The University of Queensland, Emily gained experience in private practice focusing on chronic disease management. In 2021, she relocated to Newcastle for her current role as a Lecturer in clinical exercise physiology at The University of Newcastle.

Funded by Diabetes Australia, Emily’s project aims to devise effective exercise strategies tailored to individuals experiencing both T2D and symptoms of Long-COVID. Emily’s research seeks to address the gap in current exercise programs for individuals with T2D, which often overlook the impact of persistent COVID-19-related symptoms. The project will also evaluate the feasibility and efficacy of a long-COVID symptom-guided exercise program compared to standard T2D guideline-prescribed exercise programs.

The NSWRHP grant will enable Emily to recruit two consumer associate investigators who will provide input on study designs, recruitment strategies, intervention components, and the dissemination of results. By involving consumers in the development and delivery of the research, Emily aims to ensure the project’s relevance and effectiveness in real-world settings.

As an avid exerciser herself, Emily expects her project to enhance exercise uptake and adherence among individuals with T2D and Long-COVID symptoms and provide valuable insights for future trials.

Keep an eye out for Emily running along the Nobby’s breakwall or walking with friends at Bar Beach.