NSW Regional Health Partners works to accelerate the translation of evidence into practice to improve the health and wellbeing of regional, rural and remote communities.

It was accredited by the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) as a Centre for Innovation in Regional Health (CIRH) in 2017.

NSW Regional Health Partners is supported by seven strategically aligned partners who had a long history of working together to deliver successful programs prior to the establishment of the Centre:

  • Three NSW regional Local Health Districts (Central Coast, Hunter New England and Mid North Coast)
  • A regional NSW Primary Health Network (Hunter New England Central Coast Primary Health Network)
  • An internationally recognised regional medical research institute – Hunter Medical Research Institute
  • Two of Australia’s leading regional universities- University of Newcastle and University of New England

The partners serve a population of approximately 1.5 million people, including 10% of Australia’s Aboriginal population. The Centre will support them by developing and nurturing strong and genuine partnerships between the academic and healthcare sectors in our region to enable a shared focus on the major health care issues facing our communities

Core to success is facilitating the delivery of innovative models of healthcare supported by engaged health service managers, driven by patient and clinician needs, designed using the best available evidence and rigorously evaluated to produce outcomes that influence clinical practice and health policy locally, nationally and internationally.

The Centre supports new ways of working by researchers, clinicians and managers within its eight partner organisations. By bringing the partners together to share information, reduce duplication and share resources, the Centre leverages existing activities to accelerate change within each organisation. It is also resourced by the Medical Research Future Fund to fund new initiatives to translate evidence into practice. The partners are committed to sustainable improvements to ways of working within their organisations in order to deliver better care.

NSWRHP is also one of nine health research translation centres across Australia that together form the Australian Health Research Alliance (AHRA). The Centres collaborate to develop and implement improvements in health service delivery and population health to ensure better health outcomes for all Australians.


NSW Regional Health Partners is a Centre for Innovation in Regional Health as part of the Rapid Applied Research Translation Initiative (RART). The centre is accredited by the NHMRC and funded by the Medical Research Future Fund. 

NHMRC accredited Centres for Innovation in Regional Health, as well as Advanced Health Research and Translation Centres (Translation Centres) are leading centres of excellence and collaboration in health and medical research, research translation, research-infused education and training and outstanding healthcare.

Other centres include: 

Four videos provide an overview of NHMRC’s Translation Centre initiative and what the Translation Centres are about. Topics include: driving efficiencies in clinical trials and ensuring health-led research, the importance of engaging end-users and of addressing the needs of vulnerable populations.