Centre Aims

As a recognised NHMRC Centre for Innovation in Regional Health, the NSW Regional Health Partners builds upon existing strengths and provide a model that will transform the delivery of health care to regional, rural and remote Australia.  We will:

  • Address the major health care challenges faced by our regional, rural and remote NSW populations. We will achieve this by setting and maintaining a focus on strategic, priority-driven translational research and research translation relevant to the needs of the populations we serve.
  • Provide our regional communities with access to best-evidence healthcare built on a foundation of discovery, innovation, rigorous implementation and evaluation. We will work in partnership to accelerate the pathway from scientific discovery and medical innovation to clinical application and community benefit.
  • Transform the health and wellbeing of our regional, rural and remote NSW population. We will support and facilitate measurable improvements in the health care systems and apply academic rigor to both prevent disease and to improve the patient journey from diagnosis to treatment to recovery.
  • Maintain sustainable delivery of the healthcare in our region. We will work in partnership to promote high-value healthcare that aims to improve care quality, equality, efficiency, value for money, and to close gaps in health and wellbeing, especially for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.