AHRA Response to the AAHMS Report 
Read AHRA’s response to the Australian Academy of Health and Medical Sciences (AAHMS) report, Research and innovation as core functions in transforming the health system

Health Economics and Impact Assessment

National Framework for Health Systems Improvement and Sustainability 
The framework addresses the challenges facing Australia in the critical areas of health systems improvement and sustainability.

Local Level Evaluation of Healthcare report
This report provides solutions to help reduce waste in the healthcare system and improve value from healthcare spending.

Economic evaluation report
Andrew Searles and Penny Reeves from HMRI’s Health Research Economics team discuss the Local Level Evaluation of Healthcare report.

AHRA Collaborative Work

Australian Standards for Wound Prevention and Management
The Australian Standards for Wound Prevention and Management (Fourth edition), provide a contemporary, evidence-based framework for delivery of best practice in wound prevention and management.

Consumer Resources

See our full list of consumer resources here. 

Publications arising from NSWRHP research networks
Physiotherapy Research in Practice Network
New England General Practice Research Network (NEGPRN)
Clinical Nurse Consultant/Clinical Midwife Consultant Network

Spinifex Network