Consumer and Community Involvement

Involving consumers and people in the community makes health and medical research better.

Consumers and community members also have a right and responsibility to be involved in research that may impact their health and wellbeing.

As a member of the Australian Health Research Alliance, NSW Regional Health Partners strongly advocates for the involvement of consumers and community members in health research. Read AHRA’s position statement here. 

We want people with lived experience of health conditions, and health services, to help shape the conceptualisation, design, implementation and translation of health research. The goal is more relevant, responsive and effective health services.

If you’re a researcher, we have online resources to guide and support you in boosting the involvement of consumers and community members in your work.

They are categorised below to help you navigate various aspects of consumer and community involvement.

1. Engaging Consumers

2. Consumer Involvement - Practical Guides & Resources

3. Plain Language Resources

4. Researchers & Consumers Talk About the Value of Consumer Involvement - Videos

5. Evaluating the Consumer Involvement in Your Research

6. Publications and Reports on Consumer Involvement in Research