Plain Language Resources

What you’ll find

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There are a number of plain language resources that can assist researchers in preparing information for any consumers or community members contributing to their study.

    • The Cochrane Standards for Preparing Plain Language Summaries are useful for anyone involved in preparing plain language summaries, including consumers who are often asked to assist in writing summaries to make sure they are clear and easy to understand; 
    • Plain English Summaries from INVOLVE UK provide support on writing brief summaries for members of the public rather than health professionals. The summaries outline the need to write clearly and simply without jargon;
    • The Jargon Buster resource by INVOLVE UK contains the definitions of some of the terms commonly used in public involvement in research. Terms can be searched alphabetically and provide a definition underneath;
    • HMRI provides an example of a patient information statement from the Hunter Stroke Research Register using plain language;
    • If you have documents for consumers or community, enter draft text into the Hemingway Editor for suggestions on how to make it more easily understood. Aim for “Grade 8” level for publications for the general public.