Policies, guides and frameworks

Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander: NHMRC ethical guidelines for best practice
Guidelines for researchers and stakeholders provides a set of principles to ensure research is safe, respectful, responsible, high quality and of benefit to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and communities.

Australian Health Research Alliance Consumer and Community Involvement Handbook and Quick Guide
The Australian Health Research Alliance (AHRA) Consumer and Community Involvement (CCI) Handbook is a comprehensive guide for organisations, researchers, consumers and funders to embed the involvement of consumers and the community in health and medical research policy and practice.

Australian Clinical Trials Alliance (ACTA) and Clinical Trials: Impact & Quality (CT:IQ) Consumer Involvement & Engagement Toolkit
The Consumer Involvement and Engagement Toolkit (the Toolkit) provides practical advice for researchers and research organisations wishing to conduct patient-centred clinical trials.

National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) Standards for: Partnering with consumers in organisational design and governance.
Partnering with consumers and the community is viewed as a basic element in discussions and decisions about the design, implementation and evaluation of health policies, programs and services.

National Clinical Trials Governance Framework
Component 5: Partnering with consumers

Recruitment guides

NSW Health Consumer, carer and community member remuneration guideline
This Guideline sets out NSW Health’s commitment to remuneration and reimbursement of consumers, carers and community members for their time and contributions to agreed engagement activities. 

Grant Development

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The following template was created by Health Issues Centre for the evaluation of consumer engagement within an organisation. It can be utilised by research projects and teams to evaluate both the process and outcomes of consumer involvement activities in research.

The National Health and Medical Research Council Statement on consumer and community involvement in health and medical research.
The National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Statement aims to guide research institutions, researchers, consumers and community members in the active involvement of consumers and community members in all aspects of health and medical research.

Central Coast Local Health District Strategic Research Plan 2022 – 2026
Key Focus Area 4: Involving Consumers and the Community in Research.

Principles for consumer involvement in research funded by the Medical Research Future Fund | Australian Government Department of Health and Aged Care
Advice from the Medical Research Future Fund Consumer Reference Panel 

Consumer and Community Involvement in Health and Medical Research
An Australia wide audit 2018