Researchers & Consumers Talk About Consumer Involvement – Videos

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The following videos are various examples of how consumers have been engaged in research.

    • Consumer involvement in grant applications – Ideally consumers are involved in research priority setting processes as part of a longer term researcher–consumer engagement and advisory process, but sometimes this is not possible. Professor Debbie Plath at NSWRHP talks about a valuable consumer engagement process that informed a research proposal and met the grant application deadline.
    • Consumer involvement in research – Caleb Rixon is the founder and CEO of Genyus network, an online community of people who have survived trauma and are living with chronic illness. In this video, Caleb talks about how spending time in online communities as a researcher or clinician can help in developing a better understanding of the lived experience of people with illness or disability.
    • Top tips for consumer involvement in research – This video by local stroke survivor Brenda Booth is a guide to assist researchers with planning for effective involvement of consumers in research projects. Brenda is a consumer representative on the Stroke Foundation Research Advisory Committee and holds numerous other consumer representative appointments with the NSW ACI and Cochrane Collaboration. She is also a member of Health Consumers NSW.
    • A CALD community example – Dr Christine Walker discusses the importance of consumer consultation for knowledge exchange in primary health care research using a CALD community example at the PHC Research Conference, Adelaide, 30 July 2015.
    • Involving Consumers and Families in Research – Dr Anthony Brown, Executive Director at Health Consumers NSW, was one of the guest speakers at Sydney Local Health District’s 2019 Clinical Trials Showcase.
    • Consumer impact on research: Newcastle researcher Professor Vanessa McDonald and consumer expert Gabbi Wenman discuss how consumer input has influenced research at the Centre of Excellence in Severe Asthma.
    • Strategies for engaging Consumer Experts in research: Gabbi Wenman (Consumer Expert) and Vanessa McDonald (Researcher) offer strategies and tips for researchers reaching out to consumers.
    • Want to be involved with stroke research? – This video gives an overview of the Hunter Stroke Research Volunteer Register, a register for people who have had a stroke or transient ischaemic attack (TIA) who may wish to become involved in future prevention and rehabilitation research.