Funding Research

NSW Regional Health Partners is a Centre for Innovation in Regional Health as part of the Rapid Applied Research Translation Initiative (RART). The centre is accredited by the NHMRC and funded by the Medical Research Future Fund. 

As part of the initiative, NSW Regional Health Partners invests in research projects that encourage academic researchers and health service providers to collaborate to improve health care delivery, services and systems sustainability. 

NSW Regional Health Partners conducted their first round of funding in 2018, with the second round in 2019. To date, NSWRHP has awarded over $6 million of MRFF funding to research projects in our partner organisations. 

From 2020, NSWRHP will actively facilitate a six-step co-production process, pulling together multidisciplinary teams and developing implementation proposals that will create impact and outcomes in the health system. The opportunity to participate in this process will be advertised by each partner organisation when it becomes available. Further information on NSWRHP’s new co-production process can be found here.

In addition to MRFF funding, NSW Regional Health Partners also undertakes local projects with other sources of funding. 

RART Initiatives funded in 2019

Seven projects were successful in obtaining RART funding in 2019. This includes projects examining end-of-life care, undertaking health economic evaluation and building research capacity in primary care. 


RART Initiatives funded in 2018

Six projects were awarded funding under the RART Scheme in 2018. Several of the projects targeted childhood obesity prevention, while others examined immunisation, stroke and cultural safety. 

NSWRHP led projects

NSW Regional Health Partners has undertaken two scoping projects: one in overweight and obesity prevention and treatment; and the other in end-of-life care. NSWRHP also commissioned HMRI to undertake an evaluation of the RICH program.