2018 RART Projects

Child Immunisation

Researchers will identify pockets of low childhood immunisation in our area, explore the reasons for non-vaccination, and identify and implement strategies to improve vaccination rates.

Child Obesity Reduction

This project aims to increase the use of evidence-based government services by delivering health information and referral direct to parents.

Cultural Safety

Developed in consultation with Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal health workers, this project will develop, implement and evaluate an evidence-based framework to guide hospital processes and practices for Aboriginal children and their families.

Physical Activity Policy

This project is scaling up a proven support strategy to increase primary school teachers’ time for planned physical activity during the school week.


Stroke is common in Australia, with 60,000 new strokes yearly. Studies show these numbers are disproportionately distributed across Australia, with stroke rates 30% higher in rural areas.

Thirsty? Choose Water!

Researchers are seeking to determine if a behavioural intervention and chilled water stations increase water consumption and change attitudes towards and knowledge of SSBs.