The NSW Regional Health Partners already have many existing operational and strategic structures in place. As the Centre evolves, initiatives will be accelerated and scaled up, and new projects and platforms developed.

Strategic project development

The Governing Board is responsible for developing the Centre’s Strategy to expand cross-Centre initiatives and has oversight of the operational and project Finances. The Board prioritises and approves the major Program initiatives and new enabling platforms as new opportunities emerge.

The Translation Committee and the Director are responsible for developing the Centre, engaging with the partner’s m Translational Research Programs and delivering the Strategy. The Healthy Regional Communities Program and the Clinician Initiated Priority Research Program are being developed as cross-Centre project initiatives.

Current programs under development

The Translation Committee has established Working Groups focused on national, state and local initiatives.

National Initiatives

NSW Regional health Partners has representatives on the four AHRA National Initiatives and the NHMRC Committee:

  • Health Systems Improvement and Sustainability
  • Better use of Health Data
  • Indigenous Health
  • Community & Consumer Engagement in Research
  • NHMRC Committee on Measurement of Research Impact

State Initiatives

NSW Regional Health Partners receives funding from the NSW Health, Office for Health and Medical research under the Research Hub Strategy. The funding is currently supporting the RICH Program workshops, as part of the Clinician Initiated Priority Research Program.

  • RICH Program

Local Initiatives

NSW Regional Health Partners is supporting cross-Centre initiatives in addressing the obesity-related health problems facing our communities and health services. In addition, the Hunter Medical Research Institute’s Health Economics Unit is supporting cross-Centre and national initiatives in the clinical, social and economic assessment of health technology and new models of care provision.

  • Healthy Weight Strategy
  • Health Technology Assessments

As part of the community and consumer engagement in research, NSW Regional Health Partners are developing strategic community forums.

  • Indigenous Engagement Forum