The NSW Regional Health Partners already have many operational and strategic structures in place, drawing on the existing Memorandum of Understanding in place with the HNECCMNC Research Hub. As the Centre evolves, many initiatives can be accelerated and scaled up, and new projects and platforms can be developed.

Current and future financial partnerships

The NSWRHP has already commenced strategic co-funding of a number of initiatives that established the Hub as a new entity in the region’s healthcare and research funding landscape. To date the budget has been deployed to fund Clinical Research Fellowships, Innovation Scholarships, Small Project Grants and research training workshops. Recognition as an NHMRC Centre for Innovation in Regional Health will leverage additional “central funding” from the Partner organisations to allow the development of a cross-Centre Partnership Project Grant Scheme.

Strategic project development

The Hub Executive Council is responsible for developing and expanding the overall partnership budget to accelerate and expand cross-Centre initiatives. The Council will also be tasked with “refreshing” the major Program Themes and developing new enabling platforms along with new national and international collaborations new opportunities emerge or when work-plans are accomplished.

The Translation Committee and the Centre Director will be responsible for developing and engaging with the Major Translational Research Programs and the Healthy Regional Communities Program leadership to develop cross-Hub project ideas. With the anticipated growth in momentum, a competitive, externally peer- reviewed cross-Centre partnership project grant scheme (similar to the existing NHMRC Partnership Project Grant Scheme) will be established to facilitate the development of cross-Centre projects.