MRFF Expression Of Interest Frequently Asked Questions


Who do I contact to ask about the Expression of Interest process?

If you have a general question regarding the Expression of Interest process please contact the NSW Regional Health Partners head office on: or (02) 49 855 298.

If you are seeking endorsement for your application you will need to contact your organisations Translation Committee Member.

Who are the New South Wales Regional Health Partners?

The NSW Regional Health Partners is made up of eight organisations from health, education and research. Find out more about the partners here.

How much funding is available?

The amount of funding is not yet known. We expect to receive this information from the MRFF before the EOI process is opened.

When are submissions due?

The submission dates are not yet known. However in 2018 they opened in March and there was a short time frame for people to prepare their submissions by June. That is why we are helping people to start thinking about the process and preparing beforehand.

I have a new project is this eligible for funding?

This funding is not focused on funding new projects. It specifically aims to look at existing projects with established project teams and approved ethics/SAS in place. Due to the short (12 month) time frame for funding, existing projects is one way of helping set projects up to succeed. We encourage you however to apply for new elements to your existing projects for example you may have completed a successful study and need funding for wider implementation into practice. Alternatively the research you are currently undertaking may have identified a related gap in the current evidence that you wish to explore further.

How do I submit my application?

A web portal will be set up on the NSW Regional Health Partners website. Application will be submitted electronically through this portal.

How will I know if my application has been submitted?

You will receive an email notification to the email address you listed in the Expression of Interest form. If you do not receive an email your submission has not been deemed as submitted and you should contact our office on:

I have a disability and require assistance submitting an application.

If you require assistance completing and/or submitting your application please contact us on: 02 49 855 298 or make a National Relay Service call.

When can I expect to hear if my submission has been successful?

The exact time frames are not yet known however it is expected that applicant will be notified of the outcomes of progress to a national full submission around July 2018.

My project relates to more than one priority how do I decide on one?

You don’t have to select one priority area and can choose multiple. Research with multiple priority areas will be viewed favourably by the selection panel.

The EOI fields are too limited am I able to supply attachments or add additional information?

During the first stage all applications will are strictly limited to the set domain limits. Additional information will not be accepted and could render your expression of interest ineligible. However if additional information may be sought during the evaluation review process.

Can I provide links to external websites in my application?

Only the information on the form will be considered as part of the application. The review panels will not follow external links to other information as this will be considered outside of the Expression of Interest.

I’ve submitted my expression of interest and now I need to change something. What can I do?

Once you have submitted your expression of interest you will not be able to make changes. It is for this reason that we ask you to please allow plenty of time to check and review your EOI before submission.

If you need to make changes you will need to withdraw your EOI by email and resubmit a new one using the portal.

I still haven’t found the answer to my questions what can I do?

If you have a question that is not listed here please contact us using the form below, we’ll be happy to help.