2018 RART Projects

Child Immunisation

Immunisation is a safe and effective way to prevent serious childhood disease. Deaths from vaccine-preventable diseases have dropped by 99% in Australia since vaccination was introduced in 1932. Internationally, it is estimated that vaccination prevents upwards of 3 million deaths each year.

Child Obesity Reduction

This project aims to increase the use of evidence-based government services by delivering health information and referral direct to parents. Primary schools will participate in an electronic messaging program. Messages will be delivered to parents via an app. informing parents of existing free government services, encouraging participation in programs and providing links to enrolment pages.

Cultural Safety

Aboriginal children are over-represented in child protection services. The reasons for this are complex.

Previous research has found that clinicians’ and organisational responses to Aboriginal children and their families in healthcare facilities is not always appropriate or culturally safe, and that clinician documentation and referral of suspected child abuse cases is sub-optimal.

Physical Activity Policy

Schools across Australia, and internationally, are introducing physical activity policies in an effort to reduce childhood obesity. These policies are based on clear evidence demonstrating the relationship between physical activity and health outcome indicators, including chronic disease.


Stroke is common in Australia, with 60,000 new strokes yearly. Studies show these numbers are disproportionately distributed across Australia, with stroke rates 30% higher in rural areas.

Thirsty? Choose Water!

Children and adolescents in Australia are consuming sugar sweetened beverages (SSB) frequently despite them being associated with weight gain, obesity, diabetes and tooth decay, as well as reduced intake of other important nutrients such as calcium (found in milk).