NSWRHP Scholarship Program

What is the problem?

Billions of dollars are spent in Australia each year in conducting first-rate research to answer critical questions for the benefit of Australians’ health. Yet it is argued that health systems fail to use this evidence in an optimal way, resulting in inefficiencies, wasted resources and poor outcomes in morbidity and mortality (1, 2).

Simply providing evidence via peer-reviewed journals, while important, is not enough to ensure it becomes embedded into routine healthcare or decision-making. Other methods for the translation of research knowledge are required to make full use of this valuable research.

About the scholarship program

NSW Regional Health Partners seeks to build the capacity of professionals to identify practice gaps, collect and consider strong evidence, and implement tailored solutions within their workplaces to benefit their local patients and communities.

To this aim, NSWRHP are investing funding from the Office for Health and Medical Research into building the capacity of our local health professionals to incorporate research into their healthcare role, through the provision of two scholarships: the NSWRHP Clinical Epidemiology Scholarship and the NSWRHP Knowledge Translation Scholarship.

Clinical Epidemiology Scholarship

The NSWRHP Clinical Epidemiology Scholarship is for health professionals who work in the NSWRHP geographical footprint to undertake a Graduate Certificate in Clinical Epidemiology at the University of Newcastle. 

Four courses (40 units) are included in the Graduate Certificate, with three compulsory courses of Epidemiology A, Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics A. The fourth course is an elective. In addition to these units, students will be provided with ongoing support. 

Meet the CE Scholars for 2020

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Knowledge Translation Scholarship

The NSWRHP Knowledge Translation Scholarship is for clinicians who work in the NSWRHP geographical footprint to undertake a 12-week online course at the University of Newcastle. The course includes topics on: identifying, reviewing, and selecting knowledge for translation; engaging stakeholders and knowledge users; assessing barriers and facilitators to knowledge use; and selecting, tailoring, and implementing interventions to address barriers. 

At the completion of the course, scholarship recipients (KT Fellows) will have completed a knowledge translation project plan which they can use to address an identified knowledge-practice gap in their local setting. Fellows will be provided with ongoing support for nine months following the completion of the course as they commence their project.

Meet the KT Fellows for 2020

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Future applications & more information

Applications are now closed for the NSWRHP Scholarship Program.

Future opportunities may become available after the program has been evaluated in 2021. Make sure to register your name using the form below so we can contact you if the opportunity arises.

For more information, please contact NSWRHP at contact@nswregionalhealthpartners.org.au

1. Davis D, Davis ME, Jadad A, Perrier L, Rath D, Ryan D, et al. The case for knowledge translation: shortening the journey from evidence to effect. BMJ. 2003;327(7405):33.

2. Madon T, Hofman KJ, Kupfer L, Glass RI. Implementation Science. Science. 2007;318(5857):1728-9.