New report: The Local Level Evaluation of Healthcare in Australia

The nine Australian health translation centres worked together in 2018 to develop a National Framework for Health Systems Improvement and Sustainability. This has been submitted to the Medical Research Future Fund.

Major recommendations are development of:

  1. an on-going national network
  2. effective and adaptive ways to address unwarranted clinical variation, to be implemented at the local level
  3. models to coordinate care between primary and acute health services.
  4. a national curriculum in clinical practice improvement
  5. more efficient and cost-effective ways to evaluate existing and new models of health care as well as current best practice

The last recommendation was derived from the brilliant report commissioned by NSWRHP from the HMRI economic evaluation team.

Read the report here. 


Listen to Director Christine Jorm and Andrew Searles talk about the report here and watch the lead authors, Andrew Searles and Penny Reeves discuss the report here: