Embracing research and innovation as core functions in transforming Australia’s health system

NSW Regional Health Partners welcomes the Australian Academy of Health and Medical Sciences’ (AAHMS) report, ‘Research and innovation as core functions in transforming the health system: A vision for the future of Australia’. Download the report here.

This report provides a vision for the Australian health system that is at the cutting edge of health care innovation, driven by health and medical research embedded within the health system.

The vision described by AAHMS aligns well with the accredited Research Translation centres (including NSW Regional Health Partners), who are working across Australia to embed research into health care.
In its written response, the Australian Health Research Alliance (AHRA), an alliance of the NHMRC-accredited Research Translation Centres, strongly endorses AAHMS’ recommendations to optimise the contribution that health and medical research can make to deliver better health for all Australians. Download the AHRA response here.

The Centres are closely aligned with the four pillars prioritised in the report and will play a key role in realising this vision:
• A skilled, research-active health workforce
• Targeted research funding embedded in the health system, driving translation and improving health outcomes
• Consumer and community involvement in all stages of research
• Integrated research teams across health, academia and industry and greater cross-sector collaboration

NSW Regional Health Partners looks forward to playing a major role in the implementation of the AAHMS report.