New podcast episode to support clinical trial monitoring on International Clinical Trials Day

On this International Clinical Trials Day, NSW Regional Health Partners, along with Sydney Health Partners and Maridulu Budyari Gumal (SPHERE), is thrilled to launch the second episode of their Clinical Trials in Focus podcast series. This podcast will help researchers, clinicians and organisations prepare for clinical trial monitoring, through the development of effective quality-monitoring processes.

The episode, entitled “Monitoring Clinical Trials for Quality and Safety,” focuses on the importance of ongoing quality-monitoring to ensure that clinical trials run in accordance with regulations and the trial protocol. The podcast explores the challenges of implementing appropriate models for ongoing trial monitoring, including the resource implications for already stretched trial units. Pathways to overcome these challenges are suggested by experienced clinical trialists.

NSW Regional Health Partners Director, Associate Professor Nicolette Hodyl, emphasised the significance of clinical trials in driving medical advancements.

“Clinical trials are critical to advancing medical care. Today we recognise and pay tribute to the immense contributions of clinical research teams involved in clinical trials, who work tirelessly to improve patient outcomes and care delivery. Together, we celebrate their dedication to drive high quality clinical research,” said Nicolette.

Check out the new episode here.