Supporting Cancer Research to Transform NSW Regional Cancer Care

NSW Regional Cancer Research Network has recently awarded funding to seven 2023 cancer research projects and three Clinician Research Fellowships. These initiatives will make a significant contribution to improving cancer treatment and research capabilities across our region.

The funding for cancer research projects provides $50,000 per year for up to three years to support health research that will improve patient outcomes or cancer service delivery.

Clinician Research Fellowships

The 2023 Clinician Research Fellowships aim to support clinical staff working in regional sites to undertake impactful research within their health services. Each Fellow will receive funding support to conduct a cancer research project that has strong potential for rapid improvements in cancer treatment, outcomes, or service delivery.

Professor Nikola Bowden, Leader of the NSW Regional Cancer Research Network was very pleased and excited about the cancer research projects being supported. “Congratulations to the recipients of both the fellowships and the research projects. This research ranges from improving care for people with breast cancer, improving monitoring of cancer therapies, optimising cancer drug dosing, exploring methods for improving detection of dangerous cancers, improving psychosocial care for people living with and beyond cancer and more. This research is working to improve cancer outcomes and drive positive change in cancer care in our regions.  I can’t wait to see what these projects achieve.”

Recipients of the Cancer Research Projects are:

Jacqueline Jagger (Central Coast Local Health District): ‘SLAM-B: Self-administration of Bortezomib for patients with myeloma.’

Dr. Alex Flynn (Central Coast Local Health District): ‘Validation and feasibility of dry-blood spot testing for infusional 5-fluorouracil dosing.’

Dr. Christine O’Neill (Hunter New England Local Health District and HMRI): ‘Empowering patients and clinicians to make shared treatment decisions in low-risk thyroid cancer.’

Dr. Jennifer Mackney (John Hunter Hospital, Hunter New England Local Health District): ‘Supported Rehabilitation – Improving fitness, ensuring well-being before surgery (SPRITES).’

Professor Hubert Hondermarck (University of Newcastle): ‘A non-invasive MRI-based quantification of nerves to identify dangerous tumors in prostate cancer and other human malignancies.’

Alison Hofman (Tamworth Hospital, Hunter New England Local Health District): ‘Embedding patient reported measures to optimize psychosocial support referral pathways for rural cancer patients.’

Professor Joerg Lehmann (Calvary Mater Newcastle): ‘Improving quality and utilization of breast cancer care in regional NSW through accurate monitoring of the patient position during breast radiotherapy under breath hold.’

Recipients of the Clinician Research Fellowships are:

Dr. Sunil Rai (Tamworth Rural Referral Hospital, Hunter New England Local Health District): ‘Assessing the feasibility and clinical and patient-reported impacts of the use of ctDNA testing in adjuvant breast cancer: A rural pilot study.’

A/Prof. Jennifer Schneider (University of Newcastle, Hunter New England Local Health District): ‘Developing a pathway for implementing therapeutic drug monitoring of anticancer drugs, for regional and rural patients to improve outcomes.’

Dr. Sarah Zardawi (Breast Cancer Trials, Hunter New England Local Health District): ‘Telehealth remote pre-screening to increase regional and remote patient access to the Breast Cancer Trials (BCT) CAPTURE trial.’